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Leicester is a vibrant, thriving city that boasts plenty for visitors to explore. Whether it is the arts, sports or a night on the town, you’ll find yourself at home in Leicester. Full of diverse culture, nationally recognised cuisine, theatre and music, and a King, Leicester offers something for everyone.
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The details matter to us, because they matter to you. Together, our staff have over 300 years’ experience! That adds up to exceptional service across everything we do. From our delegate registration and event management services to our flexible catering options and in-house technical expertise, our staff are on hand to ensure that Leicester Campus is the venue that works for you.
Joanna Goddard

Joanna Goddard

Business Development Manager

Great service means... having a thorough knowledge of our product, and going above and beyond to help our clients make the best choices.

In my job I love... having the ability to be my spontaneous and amusing self; positively influencing my team, colleagues and clients.

My guilty pleasure is shoes… they match my personality; high performance, elegant and feminine!